About Mel

I hate writing about myself.

But I’ll try:

I love traveling (duh!) and was never able to keep my butt in one place for very long.
So, 16 years ago, I made this passion my job.

Originally I just wanted to fly for a couple of years, use the benefits to see the world and then eventually move to California and open up my own little hotel.

Well, plans kinda changed and now I just stay in hotels – a lot.
I am still in Cali as much as possible and it has become my second home.

My other love is for make up artistry and costumes. I am such a geek and love dressing up so much, my friends renamed my favorite holiday into “Melloween”.
Allegedly I get a little OCD with my 365 days in advance Halloween costume prep, but hey – can I use being german as an excuse?
If you want to see my costumes and make-up shenanigans, you can find some on my Instagram and Pinterest.

What am I doing here?

I don’t really know, but since I get asked about travel-related things a lot, be it from friends or passengers or just people who follow me on Instagram, I thought I’d start this blog to share my super secret flight attendant knowledge with all of you.
Mind you, I have no idea of these things, like how to create a website and such.
Once I have figured this out (thank you to everybody who has been lending a helpful hand so far), I will tell you my tips and tricks on how to deal with the flying, constant jet lag and climate change, as well as on how to pack, where to eat, shop and go out.

Bear with me and here we go…